alive with the power of breakfast u feel me


the idea that scully would take mulder’s name is so ridiculous because how fuckin obvious is it that mulder’s been doodling hearts and “mr fox scully” in his notepad since the moment they met

“A language is more than just a complex of sounds and structures and word-meanings. It’s also the bearer of a culture, an incredible freight of human knowledge and experience and understanding—of epics, myths, nursery rhymes, proverbs, parables, ritual formulae, jokes, love-songs, dirges. When a language dies, all this dies with it. Think about that, then multiply it by the literally thousands of languages now at risk.”
Derek Bickerton (via thelazypolyglot)

Show me what you got,
Gotta show me when the beat drops.

Gimme Shelter (Isolated Vocals)
The Rolling Stones ft. Merry Clayton


untouched by the veronicas > the 60s